About the Creator

Having always been interested in something a little different, Samantha Anderson created Cakes Cove in 2011, allowing her to fuse her passion for Victorian romance, comics, science fiction and gaming with the art of great food.

Samantha Anderson, Cakes Cove

Although she’s always been in the kitchen, she trained at George Brown College and Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, going professional in 2006.

Anderson’s distinctive culinary creations come mostly from her own experimental blending of different dessert mediums such as cake, chocolate and sugar, and are influenced by her unique geek-inspired passions. The desserts that Cakes Cove creates are custom made from the best ingredients and designed to suit the unique personality of every individual and event.

Cakes Cove launched at Toronto Fan Expo August 22nd 2013, and continues to develop exciting new creations.

Cakes Cove, making every genre delicious.

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Posted Mon, 6 May 2013